Our Aircraft

RVL Group's fleet of nearly 20 owned aircraft includes the following:

3 x Cessna 406 - a twin turboprop aircraft offering a wide range of survey and surveillance roles, as well as being capable of cargo and passenger transportation.

5 x Cessna 404 - a twin piston with airborne endurance of over 8 hours, making it ideal for long survey and data gathering missions.

2 x Cessna 402 - a low-cost, twin-hole survey aircraft with up to 6 hours endurance.

3 x Cessna 310 - our smallest Cessna aircraft, but still with seating for up to 6 people and the capability of carrying a wide range of survey and sensing equipment.

1 x Britten Norman Islander BN2 - an ideal low and slow aircraft that has been used for search and rescue work as well as specialist photography work around the UK and Europe.

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About Us

RVL Group consists of an airline, an aerial work company and an aircraft engineering facility. Together, these companies allow us to offer a unique set of services and ablities to our wide range of customers. Our range of services includes aerial survey and surveillance, ad hoc and contract passenger and cargo charter flights, specialist aircraft modifications for survey work, full aircraft maintenance and the ability, unique among UK airlines, to offer an aerial dispersant spraying solution for the tackling of pollution at sea.

Our Aircraft

RVL Group operates aircraft of several types and varying capabilities. Click on the picture above to view more details.

Our Services

Whatever your requirement for an airborne platform, RVL Group can work with you to source, modify, operate and maintain an aircraft to meet your specific needs - an ability that no other UK aerial survey and special project aviation company can offer. From longterm, regular flying to specialist test flying of civilian or military equipment needing to be proved in an aviation environment, RVL Group has the expertise and more than 20 years of experience of successfully managing contracts with numerous private and public sector clients.

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