Working with the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA), RVL Aviation has developed Agile Convert Spray System (ACSS), a world-class, cost-effective, future-proof oil dispersant spray system marketed by Agile Spray Response (ASR), a specialist expertise partner.

Following an extensive testing programme conducted by the MCA and RVL Aviation, the MCA has chosen this leading spray technology as its counter pollution system to deal with oil spills in the UK’s maritime waters.

RVL managed and carried out the comprehensive test programme, which included advanced loading and installation trials, a rigorous scientific methodology to demonstrate the system’s effectiveness, and live spray testing using two specially modified Boeing 737-400 aircraft.

An additional key asset is RVL’s Maritime Spotter aircraft. These oversee and co-ordinate both spray exercises and live missions. When tasked, the aircraft also fulfil other maritime counter-pollution roles and capabilities.

RVL and the MCA developed the aerial spray system technology as a leading-edge product to support the agency’s counter pollution obligations on behalf of the UK Government. Now in full operating service, the system provides a robust and leading-edge technology solution to deal with the environmental damage that could be caused by oil spill pollution.

“ACSS is the MCA’s only dedicated resource to deal with oil spills. It is the most efficient way for us to guarantee protection of the UK’s waters.

“The ‘roll-on roll-off’ design has been developed and engineered to be both cost-effective in manufacture and financially efficient in operation. Because it is based on the widely-used worldwide Boeing 737-400 and 737-800 family of jets, it is effectively future-proof and will provide value for many years. We believe that ACSS delivers excellent value to tax payers as a dedicated and agile oil spill response system. It is a key component of the UK Government’s export drive to sell engineering excellence overseas,” said Damien Oliver, Commercial and Programmes Director of the MCA.

The MCA has granted the Export Sales Licence to Agile Spray Response Ltd, RVL Aviation’s specialist expertise partner, to lead the UK’s global export drive for manufacture and sales of the equipment and system, as well as management of aerial spray services for third party customers.

Gary Ferguson, Head of Specialist Operations for RVL, talking about ACSS testing and in practice.

ACSS installation animation.