RVL Aviation is proud of its partnership with Isle-Fly, the Jersey-based private air charter company, on whose behalf we operate two luxurious new Beechcraft King Air aircraft: a 200GT and a brand new 260 which make our fleet the youngest in Europe. These aircraft are the perfect solution for business and leisure passengers who need quick and easy transfers between European airports. The King Air makes European air charter operations and flights a delight.

Avoiding busy hub airports and their security queues and check-in desks, as well as inconvenient flight slots, can save businesses both time and money, and our aircraft offer not only a comfortable means of travel but also convenience for staff who need to work while they travel.

Operated in accordance with our UK CAA Air Operator Certificate, Type A Operating Licence and EASA TCO, the King Air has twin turboprop engines offering a maximum range of 1100 miles at 350mph, and can carry up to seven passengers in pressurised cabin comfort well above any weather en route to any UK destination or on longer flights into southern Europe.

RVL has additional carrying capacity to support other requirements thanks to its fleet of King Air aircraft.

  • Partner with leading European air charter company Isle-Fly
  • Modern, comfortable aircraft
  • Charter group flights are easily arranged
  • European air charter flights part of standard operating parameters for RVL
  • Flexibility to meet the needs of passengers travelling for business and leisure
  • Fully licensed and certified

RVL is listed on both the Avinode and Charter Sync Broker platforms for Passenger Charter and Air Freight.