Major new contracts from Maritime and Coastguard Agency

19 Dec 2011

RVL Group is proud to announce that it has been selected to provide a range of aerial services to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) for a further period of at least 8 years.

First, MCA will continue to use RVL Group's aerial surveillance aircraft, equipped with an array of sensor equipment designed and installed by our in-house technical services team, to assess and quantify pollution and hazards to shipping in British waters as well as rendering assistance in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. Initially, we will continue to use our Cessna fleet for this work, with a view to upgrading to Beech King Air aircraft at some point during the contract's life.

Boeing 737-400In addition to the aerial surveillance activities that we have already been performing for more than 20 years, RVL Group has now also been appointed to deliver the next generation of heavy spray aircraft for the delivery of dispersants used in the treatment of oil spills at sea. With oilfield exploitation moving into technically more difficult areas as reserves decrease, the need for a robust spray system which will last the next decade and beyond has led RVL Group to propose a new generation of aircraft to replace the ageing turbo-prop aircraft that have been used up til now.

Consequently, while a final decision on the detailed aircraft and spray system specifications will not be reached for several more months and the aircraft themselves will not enter into service for a couple of years, RVL Group is now progressing plans to acquire two Boeing 737-400s, primarily for use as freighter aircraft in Europe, which will carry modifications allowing them to be recalled for spray service if an emergency arises.

Colin Dennis, Managing Director of RVL Group, said "Winning a third consecutive aerial surveillance contract from the MCA is a huge achievement for RVL Group. To win the contract for the acquisition, design and delivery of the next generation of heavy spray aircraft too is fantastic news for the company and testament to the unique expertise we have built up within the business. At a time of economic uncertainty, RVL Group continues to go from strength to strength."



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