RVL Aviation offers bespoke solutions for businesses requiring specialised cargo operations, including hazardous goods, across the UK and Europe.

Headquartered alongside the intercontinental length 24/7 runway at East Midlands Airport (EMA), RVL’s location provides optimum transport and logistics benefits which have also attracted distribution giants such as DHL, UPS and TNT to the UK’s most central air hub.

Thanks to 24-hour-a-day operations and no runway slot restrictions, EMA is second only to London Heathrow in terms of cargo tonnage handled, with in excess of 365,000 tonnes per year, or 1,000 tonnes each day. EMA is the UK’s largest dedicated cargo aircraft operation – planes which carry solely freight and no passengers. We are also located centrally within the UK, making access by road and rail particularly easy.

RVL’s cargo niche is its flexibility and ability to meet the needs of clients looking for specialised cargo operations – either scheduled or ad hoc.

  • Ideally located at UK’s most central air hub with excellent road and rail connections
  • Flexibility to handle cargo of all natures and sensitivities, including Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Goods
  • Experience and professionalism across the company from many years operating in the specialised air cargo business

Quality aircraft, aircrew and ground operations able to deliver specialist Air Cargo charter services, including dangerous and hazardous goods and other specialist requirements using our fleet of Beechcraft King Airs and Cessna F406 aircraft. RVL is listed on both the Avinode and Charter Sync Broker platforms for Passenger Charter and Air Freight.