Fresh talent is always welcome at RVL Aviation

Nurturing fresh talent is a company-wide philosophy at RVL Aviation, the specialist aviation service provider based at East Midlands Airport. The latest to benefit from the company’s forward-looking recruitment policies are trainee mechanics Declan Hopkins (left) and Callum Oram (right), both of whom have embarked on the lengthy and demanding training processes to gain the modules required to become CAA-licensed engineers.

RVL’s Technical Director, Adam Sweeney, says the company is keen to introduce fresh talent to the industry at a time when there’s a distinct shortage of skilled engineering and technical staff.

“Both Declan and Callum have come to us with good hands-on skills,” said Sweeney, “and most of all they are really enthusiastic and have the right mindset for the task ahead of them. Gaining your engineering licence requires years of hard work and application, and we are pleased to give them the opportunity to work alongside and learn from our knowledgeable shift supervisors and maintenance engineers.”

Declan comes to RVL with seven years of engineering experience under his belt with the Army, working on weapons systems and tanks. Callum has aircraft engineering skills and spent time as an apprentice metal worker and fabricator with several engineering firms.

Their initial induction and safety training at RVL has started. “Next we will be looking to get them hands-on experience working with our aircraft so they can build their log books,” said Sweeney. “If we can bring young people on like this on every couple of years it is going to benefit the company and our industry enormously.”

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